The SEMIAH project extended

The members of the consortium are pleased to announce that the SEMIAH project will be extended by three months. The extension allows for the consortium to proceed with validating the SEMIAH system in real end-user environments.


Since the project started in 2014, the aim has been to develop a novel and open smart grid system for the implementation of Demand Response in households. The past two years have included the main development phase with systematic testing of concepts and components, followed by system integration.


Project Coordinator, Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen, states: “The design and specifications of the SEMIAH system’s architecture, algorithms and interfaces have been developed. Currently, the system is tested in 100 households in Norway and 100 households in Switzerland.”


The remaining part of the project is dedicated to system performance testing. The extension of SEMIAH allows for six months of data to be collected from the full scale SEMIAH pilots, enabling a thorough validation of the system.

Learn more about the SEMIAH pilots here.