Support for Demand Response increases among private households

Opportunities for balancing the grid through shifts of energy consumption from high energy-consuming loads to off-peak periods are not only a focus of the industry anymore. The recruitment of private households to participate in SEMIAH's Norwegian pilot reveals a growing interest in Demand Response among the residents.


Turning energy consumption upside down

In the Norwegian SEMIAH pilot, the participants are part of testing how energy consumption in private households can be adapted to the amount of energy produced in the grid instead of vice versa. Numbers from the Norwegian utility company and member of the SEMIAH consortium, Agder Energi Nett, show that the aim of recruiting 100 households for the pilot has been reached by far. Currently, 290 Norwegian households are on the waiting list for participating.


More sustainability in the future

The great interest in participating in the SEMIAH pilot discloses a positive attitude among private households towards changing their normal consumption patterns. The support for Demand Response is a step in the direction of integrating more sustainable ways of consuming energy in private households in the future.

Learn more about the technology deployed in the SEMIAH pilot here.