SEMIAH for You


SEMIAH’s efforts in developing an open source Demand Response framework will contribute to a more sustainable way of consuming energy.

Here are three reasons why Demand Response is a profitable addition to your household:

  1. The shifting of the energy consumption during peak periods to off-peak periods will result in a reduction of the electricity price of €0.05/kWh representing 20-25% reduction from the normal price (TOU tariffs). These estimates are conservative given the high stress in the grid generated from peak demand.
  2. The aggregation of residential consumers into large groups, denominated buying unions, will allow the negotiation of new electricity contracts in the now liberalized electricity market. We expect a minimum reduction of €0.01/kWh in these new contracts.
  3. Finally, the flexibilities that can be offered by the customers through SEMIAH have a high economic value. In order to maintain the stability of the grid, the Transmission System Operator (TSO) must buy additional supply when the demand is higher than the supply and vice versa.

Click here for more information about how Demand Response for residential households works as explained by Project Coordinator Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen.


Benefits of SEMIAH

Due to its focus on scalability, SEMIAH has devised mechanisms able to make the grid smarter. This encompasses a more efficient use of renewable energies, using load-shifting mechanisms to relieve grid constraints during peak hours, and with the ongoing liberalization of European energy markets, SEMIAH helps you to save money on your electricity bills.

SEMIAH offers a variety of benefits by providing a seamless integration of its services into Smart Home solutions. Among these benefits are:

  • Savings in electricity bills
  • Optimization of energy use
  • Overview of energy consumed/produced (PV etc.)
  • Value adding third party services, such as home security or healthcare systems.

The table below shows how much energy the different appliances consume in average.

The SEMIAH solution is able to cut down on the energy consumption of household appliances without impeding their functionality.


SEMIAH’s Demand Response solution can help you save energy and money, while allowing you to keep track on your consumption, thus rendering you as independent as possible. All of this without causing any discomfort in your daily routine.

Interested to see what having SEMIAH in your household would be like? Click here to read about our pilot projects.