SEMIAH for Business


SEMIAH – an Opportunity

SEMIAH has the potential to drastically change today’s energy consumption patterns.

With the deployment of Demand Response for residential households, accounting for approximately 30% of total European energy consumption, new markets emerge providing a variety of profitable business opportunities.

Until recently, lack of infrastructure has inhibited the exploitation of these new markets. Now SEMIAH has developed the technology necessary to overcome this obstacle.

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By providing a framework able to integrate renewable energy sources, providing an alternative to ever rising grid reinforcement costs, and facilitating a platform for value adding third party services, investing in SEMIAH is a profitable opportunity for many players in the energy- and ICT industries.

How SEMIAH can help your business save money

The following exemplifies the economic potential of SEMIAH:

  1. Energy consumption of 450 kWh/year will be shifted from fossil fuels based generation to RES;
  2. The production of electricity from fossil fuels results in carbon dioxide emissions of 0.5 kg/kWh and carbon dioxide emissions have a cost of €30/t carbon dioxide;
  3. The production of electricity from RES instead of fossil fuels results in savings of €0.05/kWh;







Cummultative number of households


1 000

10 000

50 000

200 000

Cumultative power shifted to RES (MWh/year)



4 500

22 500

90 000

Carbon dioxide emission avoided (tons)



2 250

11 250

45 000

Carbon dioxide savings (k€)





~1 350

Fuel-savings (k€)





~4 500

TOTAL (k€)





~5 850


The benefits for energy utilities are based on assumptions 1), 2) and 3) and are illustrated above. After 5 years and an installed base of 200 000 systems, which represent an illustrative example for a mid-size city, the direct benefits will result in cumulative savings of about €6M. Subsequently, higher annual savings are expected due to the increased number of SEMIAH users as well as the increase of cardon dioxide and fuel costs.

SEMIAH will furthermore contribute indirectly to significant savings reducing the need for new peak power plants and expensive transmission grids. These savings were not considered in these calculations as they are difficult to estimate for this specific case.

Check out the variety of other services and cost saving opportunities SEMIAH offers by taking a look at our business cases.