SEMIAH put to the test in Switzerland

The installation of the SEMIAH platform in households participating in the project's Swiss pilot is finished, and the solution is now tested in a real user environment. 


Power cuts on water and home heating appliances

The first step of the test is to characterize the different water and home heating appliances in each of the Swiss households. The aim is to test the impact of power cuts of different durations on water and home temperatures, as well as on the load curves. The final goal is to identify how long the water and home heating appliances can be turned off in each household without negative impacts on the residents’ comfort.


The unique SEMIAH platform

Before performing the test, the SEMIAH platform has been installed in each of the Swiss households. The platform includes a Home Energy Management Gateway provided by Develco Products. The gateway runs OGEMA/IWES.vpp, an upgraded version of the open software platform developed by Fraunhofer institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES. Additional hardware from Develco Products is also installed in each household. This includes smart relays and boiler sensors. Through these devices, the water and home heating appliances are monitored and controlled. The data collected from the appliances are sent directly to the gateway.


Overall, the test of the SEMIAH platform seeks to verify that all the technical elements of the system are working with real end-users. Moreover, the aim is to get detailed feedback on experiences with the system among real users and to collect data about their behaviour.

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