SEMIAH impact


The deployment of SEMIAH in 200,000 households would allow the shifting of 90 GWh/year of electrical consumption from fossil fuels to RES, thereby reducing the gap between RES produced and consumed. Moreover, SEMIAH is expected to reduce peak loads by 120 GWh/year.

In addition, the deployment in 200,000 households is expected to generate savings for energy utilities of €5.85M/year and of at least €83.25/year for the consumer.

SEMIAH will contribute significantly to EU energy policies and bring benefits to the electricity market, including residential customers, energy utilities, and grid operators. More concisely, the impacts count:



Energy Hierarchy Framework

In the Energy Hierarchy framework, SEMIAH contributes mainly to the segments Energy Saving, Energy Efficiency, and Renewables.













"The Energy Hierarchy" by Philip R Wolfe is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0