SEMIAH gateway running OGEMA platform to ensure interoperability

The large scope of Smart Grids poses the risk of too many developers and standardization bodies causing non-interoperability between devices and applications. Therefore, it is vital for the deployment of Smart Grid services in households to bring together as many services as possible. To ensure this requirement in SEMIAH, Develco Products’ gateway, which is installed in all the households, runs the open software platform OGEMA (Open Gateway Energy MAnagement) in this research project.


Flexible plug and play

The OGEMA platform is developed by the German research institute Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and seeks to support the full range of Smart Grid applications at the customer side with a single efficient hardware platform, featuring all the necessary communication connections. OGEMA allows new devices and functionalities e.g. in a smart home to be connected and added in a plug and play manner, making it possible to bring together different Smart Grid services in one system.


Two-way connection between Smart Grids and households

For SEMIAH, OGEMA is an ideal base for the integration of households in Smart Grids as it allows two-way communication between the Smart Grids and the households. OGEMA offers data models for “smart grid data” such as variable energy prices, metering data and control signals. However, the platform also includes standardized data models for control and supervision of devices inside the customer’s premises.


Learn more about the front-end system of SEMIAH here.