SEMIAH develops innovative device for real-time measurement of boiler temperatures

In SEMIAH, an innovative probe has been developed for Develco ProductsExternal Meter Interface (EMI), allowing the EMI to collect real-time temperature data from boilers. The data ensure that cuts on the boilers do not affect the comfort of SEMIAH system users.  


Attached directly to the boiler

By attaching the probe directly to a boiler with a magnet, the EMI collects temperature data from the boiler. The data are continuously sent via ZigBee to a gateway. In this way, users are provided with information on how the temperature is affected by cuts on their boiler.  


Ensuring comfort levels of users

The probe provides an essential functionality to the SEMIAH system. Since the aim is to develop a system for implementation of Demand Response in private households, it is vital that comfort levels of the residents are not compromised. With the new probe, the system ensures that the boiler temperature limits defined by the users are kept.

Learn more about the devices deployed in SEMIAH here.