SEMIAH competing for Engerati’s Energy Management Award

SEMIAH has been nominated at the European Utility Week to compete in Engerati's Energy Management Award.

About the award:

The Energy Management Award seeks to recognise a project with a significant role in the sustainable management of energy, from an industrial, commercial or public space. A project that proves the successful implementation of energy management/ services programmes in the day-to-day business.

The award criteria are:

  • Show significant reduction in energy use
  • Show a trickledown effect into the supply chain
  • Economic viability as a direct impact to the bottom-line
  • A positive impact to the community or society
  • Must be located in and/or run in Europe

(Courtesy of Engerati)


Everybody is welcome to register and vote for their favourite project, and we at SEMIAH appreciate every vote we get.

To participate, please click here