Organization and business

The SEIC-TELEDIS Group is a major energy services provider for the canton and the leading supplier of multimedia products in Valais providing energy and professional energy services. SEIS’s involvement in Groupelec enables us to offer a wide range of "energy" products such as: Renewable energies, Energy efficiency consulting, and Energy audits. The Group is also able to provide customized and professional energy offers.

Developing renewable energies is our goal: We do everything we can at our level to protect future generations. We actively contribute to the growth of renewable energies by investing in solar, wind and mini-hydraulic projects in Valais, for the people of Valais.

Developing the telecommunications network of the future is our challenge: Due to the continuous development of our optical fibre network (more than 1,000 km to date), we offer a variety of effective and very affordable products for households, companies and professionals.

SEIC has a comprehensive range of multimedia products includes: digital, high definition and interactive television, high-speed internet, and landlines. We also provide products that meet expectations on the corporate market.

The SEIC-TELEDIS Group is based in Vernayaz (VS) and employs more than 120 people. We have: 30,000 electricity customers; 31,300 television customers; 15,800 internet customers; 9,300 telephone customers; and an annual turnover of more than 90 million Swiss francs. We provide services over an area extending from Nendaz (VS) to Blonay (VD). We supply 17 villages with electricity and 30 villages with multimedia services.

Key skills, knowledge, and experience

Optimization of the electrical energy during construction
Depending on the type of buildings (house, building or industrial purpose), we first establish a balance of power to estimate electricity needs. If demand is high, the installation of a transformer station may be considered. We then analyze the available power grid to deliver energy in the best conditions.

Electrical and Telecom
SEIC can support the installation of underground infrastructure to enable tenants and landlords access to cable TV, Internet and fixed telephone network with the latest technology. Connections are cable or optical fiber according to the application needs.

Electrical installations
Universal wiring; Home Automation; Heating and ventilation

Telecom Facilities
Cabling; WiFi, broadband Internet access; Telecommunications (telephone, switchboard, intercom); Fiber optic.

Role in the project

SElC provides support for the definition of requirements of the system based on their knowledge of the grid infrastructure. SEIC also supports the pilot-testing and will contribute to the development of business models.