Organization and business SA is a telecom operator active in the French speaking part of Switzerland. It is privately owned by 10 partners (mostly electrical utilities), who operate cable and fibre networks. The main role of SA is to create and operate the multimedia services that are then distributed by the partners on their networks. SA is providing TV services (unencrypted digital TV as well as premium interactive contents), voice services and traditional High Speed Internet over Coax, FTTH and DSL networks to reach over 150 000 customers (TV, 70k HSI and 35k voice). 23 peoples are working within SA, while the physical network and service installation happens through our partners, accounting for over 200 people involved.

Key skills, knowledge and experience

´ SA' competitive advantage resides in its proximity to the end customer. This allows us to tailor our solution to the specific in-house problems in a way that show respect and care. Through our strong link with the local electrical utilities, we have a 360° view on our customer base. To effectively manage more efficiently our customers, we have built our own provisioning and CRM system. This gives us the insider view needed to help clear problems and restore the service quickly, even if the root cause is located within the customer network. We have strong partnership with the CPE providers, going up to the chip founders, as we were facing deep bug when deploying our IPTV services.

Role in the project

In this project, SA, with the help of our local electrical utility (SEIC), will be able to manage the installation of a project specific CPE collecting the needed data and/or locally acting on the power element. The developed upgraded framework will interoperate with the SA solution. Data could be tunnelled to a central collector, which might be hosted in our data centers if needed. SA will also help the project team understand the “customer problematic”, such as in-house cabling, location of devices, general acceptance of foreign devices, of waves and signals, where we have an extensive understanding.