Organization and business

The knowhow of Misurio is based on years of experience in the core topic of optimum exploitation of flexible energy systems, including power station scheduling, smart grid and applications, demand response and electricity markets.

By utilizing optimization tools in the business activities of its clients, Misurio provides a valuable con-tribution to better use of resources. Together with its clients, Misurio converts questions raised into sustainable services, including:

  • Studies and consultancy for demanding projects in generation, trading, network operation and demand response
  • Software solutions and simulations for smart grid management, based on a high level of specialist competency and knowledge of the sector
  • Implementation of optimized control processes with 24h online connection (e.g. optimum storage management in a power station cascade, optimum reactive power control, optimum surge/receding level scenario and optimum operation of thermal storage).

Key skills, knowledge, and experience

Misurio is focusing on mathematical optimisation to provide the aggregate flexibility from industry, power plants and residential domain. Misurio have BestBid function which deals with a model of the electricity market. Once a bid is set they use a Model Predictive Control to choose the best way to achieve the required flexibility. Another related project WARMup includes a field test with pooling heat from heat pumps in the city of Zurich.

Misurio offers a number of software products for optimisation of its clients’ resources in the energy business. Misurio has accumulated experience in optimisation studies and tools, with strong competencies in the creation of models and simulation, namely using the company’s own software tools.

The company has implemented several projects with diverse clients in the energy sector, and combines strong technical know-how with operations management.

Role in the project

Misurio has developed internally a simulation environment for the estimation of financial benefits for load control technologies. Therefore Misurio will be responsible for the definition of business models. The existing simulator will be upgraded to estimate the economic viability of SEMIAH. Based on these results on its experience and knowhow of the European and the Swiss electricity markets, feasible business models will be developed.

As an expert in overall optimizing and controlling of complex systems, Misurio will also contribute to the design of the backend system. Since Misurio already runs very similar systems in practise, it will be able to give advice for the overall design of the system.