Front-end system


The developed front-end system will be installed in households together with the Home Energy Management Gateway connected to the central system via LAN  or GSM.


The Gateway will run an upgraded version of the open software platform for energy management, OGEMA. OGEMA provides standardized data models and services for different home automation systems as well as in-house and smart grid communication systems, making it an ideal base for the large deployment of smart grids in households.


The hardware for control of electrical loads is based on existing or upgraded material from Netplus and Develco Products (router to run OGEMA, power relays/smart plugs, etc.) to achieve an extremely competitive price. Essentially, the hardware consists of embedded modules integrating commercial-off-the-shelf hardware components such as microprocessors, communication transceivers, memory modules etc. All chosen with the purpose of delivering just the performance needed for operation in order to keep the cost of the embedded module as low as possible.

The relays are retrofitted to the existing loads and connected to the gateway wirelessly via ZigBee.

The relays retrofitted to the wet appliances are equipped with a current sensor and the microcontroller samples the current. When an appliance begins to draw a current, the microcontroller checks its operational mode as configured by the consumer.

If the consumer has prepared the appliance for the DR program (“DR ready”), it switches off the appliance and sends an event message to the back-end system via the front-end gateway. It will then wait until it receives a “go event” from the back-end system through the gateway, according to the supply conditions in the grid.

The residential consumer registers his appliances, switch between the mode of running in “DR ready” mode and “Manual” mode and provide his flexibilities through a consumer portal.