Since the SEMIAH project started in March 2014, the consortium members have worked on developing a novel ICT infrastructure for the implementation of Demand Response in private households. In order to present the outcomes of the research project and devote a day to bring Demand Response into focus, the SEMIAH consortium is hosting:



Next Generation Demand Response


Join the event and learn about the research outcomes of SEMIAH.

Gain insights into opportunities with Demand Response and business potentials of aggregation from expert speakers. 

Experience the successful implementation of Demand Response in private households as pilot participants open their houses during the event.

Get the chance to visit a nearby hydroelectric power plant and see how electricity is produced from energy of the water.

Be part of the audience for a live panel discussion on relevant Demand Response and Smart Grid topics.

SEMIAH Open Day is your opportunity to engage in discussions about the future of Demand Response and expand your network.


Date and time

23 May 2017



Event location

Kultur- und Kongresszentrum La Poste

La Poste-Platz 4
CH-3930 Visp, Valais, Switzerland




 Breakfast and welcome


 Introduction to SEMIAH w. Rune H. Jacobsen (AU)


 Keynote speech w. Karl Werlen (Misurio) 

 Optimal Exploitation of Decentralised Energy Systems

 Misurio has developed a multistage optimisation routine for preparing tenders for system services (control energy  reserve) and spot market. The procedure includes the use of stochastic parameters and factors in trade-offs between  system service and spot market price signals.

 Karl Werlen shows in his presentation, how the optimisation routine applies to decentralised energy systems and  demonstrates practical examples.


 Keynote speech w. Prof. Jessen Page (HES-SO)

 Demand response services in blocks of buildings

 The growing share of variable renewable energy necessitates flexibility in the electricity system which flexible energy  generation, demand side participation and energy storage systems can provide. Sim4Blocks will develop innovative  demand response (DR) services for smaller residential and commercial customers, implement and test these services in  three pilot sites and transfer successful DR models to customers of project partners in further European countries.




 Panel discussion

The energy industry landscape is currently going through fundamental changes. In contemporary society, a need has arisen to build an intelligent grid, allowing real-time monitoring and control. A central requirement of the intelligent grid is to provide reliable and secure services. Moreover, the consumers have to play an essential role in the operation of the grid. In this sense, consumers need to be engaged in Demand Response efforts seeking to reduce and shift their electricity usage during peak periods.

Building the intelligent grid and implementing Demand Response are enormous tasks that have led to the emergence of new concepts and technologies. The panel discussion will focus on the current and future state of some of these, including their benefits and challenges.


 Lunch break


 The SEMIAH aggregator infrastructure w. Rune H. Jacobsen (AU)

 The presentation dives into technical details explaining how the SEMIAH infrastructure works. It presents highlights  from the research outcomes of the project and puts it into perspective in relation to the development of Demand  Response in Europe.


 Introduction to SEMIAH pilots w. Pierre Rodiut (HES-SO)

 The presentation provides a summary of what has been achieved in the SEMIAH pilots. The presentation gives insights  into the installations, monitoring, and operation of the SEMIAH infrastructure and discusses important lessons learned  from the pilots.


 Excursion to Swiss SEMIAH pilot


 End of SEMIAH Final Event

Participation is free of charge. Please register by email to before 17 May 2017.