Organization and business

EnAlpin is the owner of several hydro, wind and photovoltaic power plants. It produces and distributes electrical energy from its renewable sources, builds new power plants and trades in energy. Their energy turnover amounts to about 2 TWh.

EnAlpin occupies staff of about 100 employees and achieves an annual turnover of about 120 million Euros. In Addition, EnAlpin maintains a broad network with smaller DSOs (distribution system operators) in Switzerland.

The company provides knowhow and related services with regard to the supply of electric energy.

EnAlpin operates, maintains and administrates transmission grids, power plants and DER (distributed energy resources) for its network of more than 30 partner DSOs.

EnAlpin is very interested in the research activities focused on developing intelligent control solutions to manage the consumption of electricity in European households enabling the adjustment of consumption by high energy-consuming household appliances to the grid availability and temporal variations in energy supply.

Key skills, knowledge, and experience

The activities of EnAlpin cover the operation and maintenance of electrical and thermal grids.

EnAlpin has a direct access to many households’ installation and has the ability to install and maintain the testing infrastructure for the project.

Role in the project

EnAlpin will provide a list of households ready to participate in the pilot test. EnAlpin will install and operate the infrastructure which is necessary for running the test case.

In addition, EnAlpin will provide advice to the other partners from a very practical point of view, more specifically for the definition of requirements of the system based on their knowledge of the grid infrastructure and for the development of the business models.