Develco Products

Organization and business

Develco Products provides communication systems for AMR, AMI, and Smart Metering combined with Home Automation.

Develco Products provides products for sensoring, submetering, and load control, among these relays, sensors, meter interfaces, and gateways.

Develco Products also integrates communication modules based on different technologies into various meters from different vendors. Develco Products has deep and long-standing expertise in wireless communication.

The company works with different technologies dependent on its customers' needs. In the smart metering business, there is a high demand for ZigBee solutions. Thus, Develco Products' product portfolio reflects this market trend.

Key skills, knowledge, and experience

Development of Home Energy Management Systems. Today, Develco Products has a ZigBee gateway that is already being used in smart grid infrastructures in many countries. The existing gateway is completely transparent with no logic or control integrated.

Develco has been member of the ZigBee Alliance since 2004 and several of the employees has worked with ZigBee from the birth of the standard.

Develco Products participating in metering projects in i.a. Denmark, Sweden, France, and South Africa. The company has Home Automation projects in i.a. Denmark, France, Estonia, and South Africa.

Role in the project

Develco Products will provide the front-end hardware, home gateways and smart plugs, and support the development and testing of the front-end system. Develco Products will also be involved in system integration to support a functional test before the tests in real environment.

Develco Products will be involved in the technical design and specifications of the system, focusing essentially on the requirements of the front-end.

Finally, Develco Products will perform the role of Exploitation and Dissemination Manager (Dorthe Gårdbo-Pedersen).